Sustainability is at the heart of the design and development of Nansledan and is fundamental to the Duchy of Cornwall’s long term development strategy.

The Duchy has put in place a detailed sustainability strategy that aims to address the following:

  • Control and minimise carbon emissions
  • Ensure the efficient and responsible use of resources
  • Provide for the appropriate protection of the natural environment
  • Create socially inclusive development
  • Create a sense of place
  • Enable and encourage sustainable lifestyles
  • Improve health and education
  • Create and sustain value
  • Diversify and strengthen the local economy
  • Address construction impacts


These themes are detailed in the Sustainability Strategy for Nansledan, published by the Duchy in 2009. There are separate draft strategy documents looking at energy, water, food and transport, all of which were used to inform the original masterplan and subsequent planning applications. All development at Nansledan is governed by the Duchy’s Newquay Building Code, which maintains the architectural harmony of the scheme and attention to detail. This suite of documents is available to download below.

The Duchy believes it can learn how to deliver better sustainability by engaging with people living in Nansledan over time. This will include periodic surveys and tips designed to capture and promote sustainable living in the community, and concentrating on solutions that are popular locally and which will endure.

Document Downloads

Sustainability Strategy

Design statement

Pattern Book

Building Code

Energy Strategy

Food Strategy

Transport Principles

Water Strategy